We are one of the few if not only "Sissy Supply Companies" that actually officially exists. Based in Pennsylvania USA we are fully registered with the State & Federal Government for all tax and business identification purposes, we are not just an online pop up store. We are a Small Business.

Starting in 2018 we have serviced 1000's of customers and we always make sure your satisfaction comes before profit as clearly shown in our prices & return policy which is the most Customer Centered return/refund policy of any online store. Founded by a fellow sissy, it is more important to us make sure you received the items you paid for without the run around.

When we first started we had 0 local stock, now we have over 500+ items stocked local in Pennsylvania. With your continued support we hope to have all our items locally stocked. We will always continue to service Sissies from all over the world regardless where we stock our items.


The only time we hear negativity about our store is when the customer does not reach out to us and let us know, but instead they put it on other sites, however once we read that info we are quick to reach out to them to make it right. So please if there is any issue with your order, let us know, we can't fix what we don't know about. 


We do not make you pay for return shipping.

We don't penalize you for wanting to return an item for any reason. 


When you contact Sissy Supplies you get a real thoughtful, helpful response. You will not receive a copy paste response. If you message us about a package lost in the mail, you will not get back the generic answer "Please Have Patience....". 

If you have any doubt about which store to use, we encourage you to read their shipping/return policy & compare it to ours.

Our Shipping Policy.

Our Refund Policy


 When in doubt check out our Trust Pilot Profile: 



As always if you have any questions please let us know. Sales@SissySupplies.com