150 Free Temporary Tattoos With $150 Order

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Spend $150 get 150 Temporary Tattoos. Yes Really.

If you spend that much money we can only assume you are going to be having a fun time, temporary tattoos can make that "fun" so much better....

This is our way of saying thank you for your support!


Once you add $150 to your cart you can add 15 different temporary tattoos to your order, you can order 15 of all the same or mix & match. Each quantity of one is 10 temporary tattoos so you can add 15 quantities for free.

You must add 15 of the above temporary tattoo's for the discount to activate. 

Add 15 of the same or 15 different ones, it does not matter.

When you have $150 in your cart it will automatically remove the price of 15 quantities of these temporary tattoos.

If you have any issues adding the temporary tattoos to your order, please reach out to us.

Temporary tattoos can still be bought normally at the listed price.

10 Temporary Tattoo's per quantity.