Adjustable Chastity Cage Belt

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FRRK extra ring matches FRRK chastity cage only, meaning it doesn't match other brand chastity cage at all.


1- Do I have to pay VAT?

Only if there is any in your country. The price in this website doesn't include any tariff, tax duty or the Customs clearance fee in any country.

2- How discreet is your packaging?


We send in brown boxes, we don't use postal envelopes which can reveal what the item is when feeling it. We put the sender down as Chen Jian, we don't mention what it is inside at all.

The contents are marked as 'craft toy' or 'metal ring'. Nobody needs to know!!!

3- Can you ship to my country?

We ship all over world, and most countries are listed. However if it's not, that is because of the Customs issue.

4- What are your toys made of?

Alll dildo and anal toys are made from non allergenic Silicone. It's soft, flexible and feel great against skin. The silicone used does not contain Phthalates.

Chastity cage is made from stainless steel.

5- How long till you dispatch my order?

We aim to dispatch your order straight away, this is often same day or next day, or on the first the working day of the week if your order is placed over a weekend.

Orders can sometimes take a little longer if don't have enough stock, but we are always in production.

A couple of times a year we may be closed for fewd days or so, but your order will be sent out straight away on our return.

6- Measurement

The measurements on the website is a guide, as there are slight tolerance due to the item being hand made, sex toys is in irregular shape, the measurement methods varies, the sex toys material characteristics, but this tolerance considered to be acceptable.

7- Price–performance, definitely not a low price!

Price-performance is very subjective, due to belief, values, consumption attitudes varies to different people, making different people has various different expectations to the exact same product.

The reality we all understand is that ultra-low price is achieved under sacrifice the quality and workman-ship.

FRRK would never ever sell any products that's ultra-low price. Price-performance product in FRRK refers to high price-performance under the premise of good quality.

8- Before making the purchase

Color differences can't be avoided for online shopping. FRRK tries to correct color as much close as possible to real one, but still FRRK does NOT guarantee NO color difference.

Due the material character, irregular shape, varies measure tool and method, dimension tolerance does exist. Generally the dimension tolerance is ±1cm and considered to be acceptable.

9- After-sale Service

Contacting FRRK Official Store ASAP if there's any problem to products you receive would be highly recommended.

We aim to solve the issues for YOU with honest and sincere so that you have no worry. Thank you for your time in FRRK Official Store.

10- Naughty Sexual Fantasy from FRRK

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