Chastity Cage With Key Holding Service

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Being in chastity is not the same when you have the key to unlock your self at your discretion. Having a key holder and not being able to unlock yourself in your moments of weakness make Chastity that much more real.

What's included?

- 1 Standard & 1 Small Chastity Cage to get that perfect fit.

- 5 Different ring sizes included with each size cage for that perfect fit.

- 10 individually numbered plastic locks. Get the right fit before locking the brass lock.

- 1 Brass Chastity Cage lock. Lock will be taped open, use the plastic locks first to make sure you have the cage on right before locking the brass lock.

- 2 Keys To Unlock Your Chastity Cage Locked Inside A High Strength  Security Combination Lock Box. Keys are taped inside, they will not make noise inside the lock box.


Choose one of the available time frames and a date between that time frame will be chosen randomly and the combination to your chastity keys will be sent to you by email and USPS to make sure you receive it. If you choose custom you can note the order with your date range or we will contact you before shipping.

"Custom" or "Until Requested" dates are available for up to 2 years at a time and can be extended on request within 2 months of release for up to another 2 years.


No Keys To Get Lost In The Mail!


Lock Time Starts On The Day Your Item Is Delivered. 


At this time this service is only available for customers in the Continental United States. Foreign Orders Will Be Canceled.

Cages using this service are shipped free using USPS or UPS and are normally delivered within 2-3 days (east coast) or 3-5 days (west coast) from our Pennsylvania location after shipment. This product about an extra day of processing before shipping due to the nature of testing the locks and packaging everything together, so plan for delivery in about 3-6 business days from order date.


All packages are discrete.


Please note this service is not for first timers. The cage will really not be delivered with an accessible key! You are responsible for knowing how to wear a chastity cage safely for up to the max time duration you choose at checkout. Please note this service also does not guarantee you will remain in chastity for the full duration, cutting the lock is possible in the event of an emergency. Only you are responsible for your health and you should know your limits. Key combinations can be sent early at the request of the purchaser by contacting us, at that time the combination will be sent back to your email within 24 hours (normally under 12 hours). USPS letter with your combination will not be sent for emergency release, as it would not arrive for a few days anyway. Make sure you have access to your email you send your emergency request from for at least 24 hours. Include your name, address on the order, and order number in your email.