Stainless Steel Ball Crushing Device

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Weght: around 140g

Size: 60*55mm

Material: Stainless Steel

Item Type: Testicle Balls & Ball Crusher

Color: as shown



CBT lovers will love punishing those balls with this device!

Prepare yourself for delightful agony! Yank that scrotum through the vice and indulge your twisted desires! As you turn the crank, a steel bar lowers onto your balls, squishing them! But there's one more evil element to keep in mind! This stainless steel instrument can be cleaned with soap and warm water after use. 

One eyebolts that are included with the ball stretchers attached via screw can be used to attach a wide array of objects such as ropes, weights, cuffs, etc...the possibilities are endless! (But remember to be gentle with the balls when exploring the possibilities.

Stainless Steel Ball Crusher specifications:
  • Measurements: See below picture.
  • Material: Stainless steel